Dan Cole

Assistant Chief


Assistant Chief Dan Cole joined the Orange Volunteer Fire Association in 2006. During his tenure he has served as an interior firefighter, apparatus driver, Lieutenant and Captain until being elected to Assistant Chief in March 2020.

Assistant Chief Cole currently serves as the department Environmental Health & Safety Officer,  serves on both the departments Fundraising & 95 year Anniversary committees, is a Chairman for the Orange Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival, is a member of the Town of Orange Environmental Health and Safety Board, and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Valley Fire Chiefs as the Representative for the Orange Volunteer Fire Association.

Assistant Chief Cole is certified by the State of Connecticut as Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Fire Officer I, Fire Service Instructor I and holds additional training in Haz Mat Operations, State of CT Station Evaluator, Hazard Communications, Drug & Alcohol Suspicion trained, State of CT Photovoltaic, Emergency Vehicle Operations, confined space rescue and has held a CDL for 30 years.

Assistant Chief Cole currently works as an environmental professional for the past 32 years assisting in daily environmental services throughout Connecticut and surrounding states. He also has assisted in major environmental cleanups throughout the US. 

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