"Neighbors helping neighbors" is a slogan that the Orange Volunteer Fire Association has lived by since its formation in 1925. The department has a long history of serving the community of Orange on a fully voluntary basis. 

Past Chiefs

2014-18 - John Knight

2008-14 - Charles T. Gagel

2004-08 - Dr. Charles W. Sherwood

1996-2004 - Fredrick Knight 

1991-96 - Kenneth Mitchell

1988-91 - John Capecelatro

1979-88 - Frank Knight 

1968-79 - Earl Becker

1966-68 - Henry Torcellini

1945-66 - Christian Winkle

1925-45 - William Knight 

Founding Members

Herbert Achtmeyer

William Actmeyer

James Beebe

Edwin Boppert

Harold Brown

John Burns

Raymond Carter

Benjamin Clark Jr. (Asst. Chief)

George Clark

Fred Crosby

George Curtis

John Demarest

John Gardner

Clarence Hall

Robert Harris 

Edward J. Harvey

W. Arnold Hine (Secretary)

Frederick Hine

George T. Hine

George Johnson

William Knight (Chief)

Chester Neal

Clarence Northrop

Donald Page

Edward Sage

Elbert Scobie

Alton Terrell

C. W. Townley

Chris Winkle Jr. (Chief)

Robert J. Woodruff

Honorary Members

Donny Berger

Michael Student

Doris Knight

Polly G. Knight (Lieutenant)

Bertha L. Gallant

Harold T. Manley

George Morris

Lou Eagle

Kevin P. Gilbert

George Chatzopoulos 

George K. Rodgers

Father Kevin Donavan 

Harold McGrath Jr. 

Les Abrams

John Hudson

Joseph F. Davis 

Historical Events & Incidents

Incident Photos

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Service the community of Orange
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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