Firefighter of the Year 

2018: Charles Laudenslager

& Peter Daniel

2017: Peter Boppert

2016: Al Pol

2015: George Geane

2014: Leo Moran

2013: Don Foyer

2012: Lisa Kaplan

2011: Jeff Robertson

2010: James Patchell

2009: David Tufano

2008: Drew Panapada &

 Kevin Pelham

2007: Stephanie Knight

2006: Kevin Donovan &

 Vaughan Dumas

2005: James Vincent

2004: Fred Palmer

2003: Peter Boppert

2002: Joe Swatt

2001: Arthur Williams III

2000: Chief John


1999: Mark Osinski

1998: Chris Pizzi

1997: Chief Kenneth


1996: Chant Owen

1995: Stephen Douglas

1994: Polly Knight

1993: David Gagel

1992: Bill Bazeley

The Firefighter of the Year award is given to a member as a recognition of their dedication to the department over their years of service.

Service Awards

Service Awards are given to members for every 5 years on the department.  These are the members that served 50 years.

Peter Boppert received the 50 years of service awards in 2018. In addition to his years of service Pete was elected as the Treasurer for 2 years.

Elfo Pol received the 50 years of service awards in 2010. He reached the rank of Captain. In addition to his years of service Al served as the Treasurer for 20 years.

George McDermott received the 50 years of service awards in 2009. He reached the rank of Deputy Chief.

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