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Excellence and Professionalism 

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department strives itself to provide the community with professional and excellent service in any situation that we are dispatched to.  We are happy to continue to receive the highest fire insurance rating for an all-volunteer department from the ISO.  This is achieved by our constant up keep of training and equipment which is made possible by your support and donations. 

Servicing those in Need  

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department responded to a total of 519 service calls in 2017. These calls ranged from activated fire and carbon monoxide alarms, motor vehicle accidents, extrications, car and structure fires.  

Line Officers

Current Line Officers
Term (2018-2020)

Chief - Vaughan Dumas

Deputy Chief - Charles Sherwood

Assistant Chief - Mike Esposito

Assistant Chief - Dan Johnson

Captain - Joe Duplinsky

Captain - Dan Cole

Lieutenant - Eric Auscavitch

Lieutenant - Dan Abrams

Lieutenant - Dave Tufano

Lieutenant - Logan Marsh

Treasurer - Jon Lynn

Secretary - Peter Daniel

Top left to bottom right: Capt. Duplinsky, Capt. Cole, Liet. Tufano, Liet. Marsh, Chief Dumas, Dep. Chief Sherwood, Asst. Chief Esposito, Asst. Chief Johnson


Service Call Reports


Service call numbers broken down by type of calls and the district that they were located.

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Engine 32

E32 is a 1978 Mack 50' telesquirt powered by a 300 hp Mack diesel engine with a 1000 gpm pump, 500 gallon tank.  

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